Dylan (pickleboy130) wrote in obama_in_2004,

Alan Keyes

I think Alan Keyes is an idiot
a hypocritical idiot.
He is not going to win the senate seat he should just go back to maryland. I say when he loses we put him in a fed-ex box and ship him back to maryland. The box will read "return to sender".

I also read he is being paid to run.

I am so happy about all these scandals because the republican party in illinois is no more. At the head of it is Judy Barr Topinka a democrat. Well shes a moderate Republican but thats all the same. Sadly i liked Jim Edgar because he was a decent human being unlike Jim Ryan or Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan's more of a hypocrit than Keyes (is that is possible). George Ryan did a good job at the end of his term.

Republican Party = hypocrisy
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